Wolfpack Cross-platform file conversion system  


Build Requirements:

Sun Java SDK (or similar)
Apache Ant
Apache Tomcat 5.0

Also, WolfpackSys uses:

Jakarta Commons FileUpload
Jakarta Commons HttpClient
iText, a Free Java-PDF library
JDBC3 Driver for PostgreSQL

Optionally, WolfpackSys needs:

Apache 2.0
Apache Jakarta Tomcat Connector

First, add a new user to your database. Initially, the name should be 'wolfpacksys' and the account should be password protected. If possible, this user should not be able to create new databases or new users. Using Postgres, to create the user, type 'createuser wolfpacksys -P'. To create the database, type 'createdb wolfpacksys'.

Unzip wolfpacksys-x.x.x.zip into your favorite directory. Type 'cd wolfpack-x.x.x' to enter the build directory. Edit 'server.log4j.properties' with your favorite editor and modify log4j.appender.accesslog.File and log4j.appender.errorlog.File to match with your tomcat distribution (ie. if the environment variable $CATALINA_HOME equals '/usr/local/tomcat', log4j.appender.accesslog.File should equal '/usr/local/tomcat/webapps/wolfpacksys/WEB-INF/logs/access.log'). After changing both properties, save the file.

Next, create the tables for the database. If you are using Postgres, type 'psql wolfpacksys wolfpacksys < createtables'. Supply the password given to the user wolfpacksys.

Next, edit 'src/wolfpacksys/server/WolfpackSys.properties'. The only option to change is the server.db.password property to the password you gave to the wolfpacksys user when you created it. Finally, type 'ant' to create the application - 'dist/wolfpacksys.jar'.

To deploy the application, browse to your "Tomcat Web Application Manager" (typically, http://yourserver:8080/manager/html) and upload 'dist/wolfpacksys.jar'.

Connect Tomcat and Apache using JK2. JKMount wolfpacksys onto Apache.
(And assuming it's /wolfpacksys) Protect /wolfpacksys/admin/ from from general access.

Browse "http://yourserver/wolfpacksys/admin/editcubs.jsp" to add clients.
Browse "http://yourserver/wolfpacksys/admin/edittasks.jsp" to add tasks.

NOTE: Client installation instructions are included within the WolfpackSys installation. Browse "http://yourserver/wolfpacksys/clientinstall.jsp" for more information

WolfpackSys Copyright © 2006-2010 Carnegie Mellon University Libraries